Vaadin Start & Maven Multi Module

I’ve just started playing with Vaadin 12 (it takes some guts to move from Vaadin 8 and I kept postponing it) and I have the following question.

Since I have never used the Maven for multi-module support (everything was one big project), how should I go in order i.e. for the Vaadin 12 Starter → Java Only (which has two modules xxx-backend and xxx-ui) to have the UI broken into pieces, so that lets say 2 developers work at the UI each one in his own module? (But same application).

(I guess the question is mostly Maven Based rather than Vaadin based so sorry about that!)


I don’t think splitting the UI into multiple modules is a good approach, at least unless you have a pressing architectural reason for doing so and you really know what you’re doing. Having multiple developers work on the same UI requires some discipline, but having a well-defined development process and using a modern, distributed source control tool like Git will help with that.