Vaadin Spring Security

I know this was discused before and I know about vaadin4spring framework, but it’s not working correctly for me (I was using 0.0.7 snaphost today, and was confused with setting it up).

I have here sample application which can be run with mvn spring-boot:run then navigate to http://localhost:8080/testui
on the left side is menu Secured View and on the right side is button Secured Action. Both have @PreAuthorize annotation on them hovewer in @SpringUI @PreAuthorize seems to not working at all and in @SpringView it’s working, but there is issue with spring config which I don’t know how to resolve - authentication is null An Authentication object was not found in the SecurityContext at at ... do someone have working spring @PreAuthorize annotation with vaadin or can someone help me to configure my application to work properly with spring security? Is it possible to use @PreAuthorize inside @SpringUI or is it only possible to use inside @SpringView

Many thanks.