Vaadin Spreadsheet+ Spring Boot Issue


Am trying to run a vaadin spring boot sample to open excel (.xlsx) in spreadsheet but the data in the spreadsheet is not rendering properly.The cells are displayed here and there. This works pretty fine without spring boot.
Am using
vaadin version 7.7.3
spreadsheet version 1.1.7
spring boot version 1.4.0.RELEASE
. Not able to find whether this is vaadin spring boot issue or theme or any other jar issue. Below are some are screenshots and my project POM.xml. Can anyone please look into this and do the needful

28601.xml (2.2 KB)


That looks kind of bad, you’re right.

I’d guess that Spreadsheet theme is missing. For it to work properly you need to have a custom theme that imports and includes Spreadsheet theme.

You can find docs about creating and using themes in
and one example of how the theme should look like when importing spreadsheet in
this project.

Hope this helps,


Hi Guillermo Alvarez and Thanks for the reply. I checked my themes folder. My .scss and .css files are same as the Github sample you have given. Do I need to add any extra themes here?


I don’t have a clear answer, but going for the longshots

  1. Is your theme name “spreadsheet”? If yes, that might conflict with theme included inside Spreadsheet.
  2. Vaadin compiles scss on runtime to css when you start the application
    if, and only if
    you do not have a css file in the project. So try deleting your styles.css and see what happens
  3. addons.scss should include the row @import “…/…/…/VAADIN/addons/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.scss”; and @include spreadsheet;. styles.scss should include @import “addons.scss”; and @include addons;. Check that they are there. You should get an error or very least a warning when the theme is compiled
  4. see with Chrome inspector if it is trying to fetch some resource but isn’t finding them (network tab, rows with red and status 404). This is very unlikely but i’m really fetching for more things to check now.

Thanks for the reply Jens Jansson. No I dnt have any theme named spreadsheet. The themes I have under mytheme folders are addons.scss, mytheme.scss and style.scss.
As u said my addons.scss have the these lines "@import “…/…/…/VAADIN/addons/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.scss”; and @include spreadsheet;. styles.scss should include @import “addons.scss”; and @include addons;.
I will check once deleting style.css and test. And How to use chrome inspector ? Any idea? pls help


In chrome developer tools you can also check in the sources tab, for instance in my case under localhost:8080/VAADIN/themes/mytheme/ I see the styles.css?v=7.7.3 file I got from the server
and .v-spreadsheet styles should be there as shown in the screenshot