Vaadin Spreadsheet Rendering Issue

Does anyone know why a simple spreadsheet like this:
Spreadsheet spreadsheet;
spreadsheet = new Spreadsheet();
spreadsheet.createCell(0, 0, “Test”);
spreadsheet.createCell(1, 0, 6);
spreadsheet.createCell(1, 1, 7);

Would render as the attached images in my browser. Each image is a different scroll position in the window.

Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Fran,

How did you create the project? Are you using maven? ivy and eclipse plugin?

I think the issue is that theme wasn’t updated. There should be a generated addons.scss file with the spreadsheet.scss import and include

If you’re using maven you can solve it by running

mvn vaadin:update-theme A project created with the latest version of the archetype (like the one in the
) should do this when compiling (vaadin:compile) , but you might need to do it manually with older versions.

If you’re using Eclipse with the Vaadin plugin, there’s a bug that sometimes messes up automatic addon theme scanning, which leaves your automatically generated addons.scss without spreadsheet.scss import and include. The workaround for that is to go to project preferences, to the Vaadin page, and check the ‘Suspend automatic addon theme scanning’, click ‘Apply’, uncheck again, and click ‘Ok’. That should get the the addons.scss to update properly.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the clues, Guillermo! We are using maven and we’re not using the Vaadin plugin. But, you sent me down the right path. Turns out I still had a mix of .css and .scss files. Once I set it up correctly, it worked!

Glad to hear it worked!