Vaadin Slider Not Showing on browser

I have a Slider component, but is not showing on the browser, only its caption is displayed.

Slider sampleSlider = new Slider("Test slider"); setValue = 40; sampleSlider.setMax(setValue); sampleSlider.setImmediate(true); sampleSlider.setMin(10); sampleSlider.setWidth("250px"); controls.addComponent(sampleSlider); Only the caption “Test slider” shows on a browser.

I am using Vaadin 7.4.8 now. It was same for V 7.4.0
It was working Ok for V 7.3.x



I found that the projectfile.scss had some componets removed from css

// Optimize the CSS output $v-included-components: remove($v-included-components, accordion); $v-included-components: remove($v-included-components, colorpicker); $v-included-components: remove($v-included-components, grid); $v-included-components: remove($v-included-components, popupview); $v-included-components: remove($v-included-components, progressbar); //$v-included-components: remove($v-included-components, slider); $v-included-components: remove($v-included-components, splitpanel); $v-included-components: remove($v-included-components, tree); $v-included-components: remove($v-included-components, treetable); //$v-included-components: remove($v-included-components, twincolselect); After I commented line no 7,

All was good, in fact I had problems with twincolselect too, and commenting line for it, solved it.