vaadin-select change event

Created an Polymer Template with a select component
How do I catch the change event in the java class

 <vaadin-select id="slReason" >
        The applicant meets all the requirements 
        Gross income exceed indigent policy limit 

You have a few different options here. The easiest would be to use @Id binding. That means you create a member variable in your Java PolymerTemplate class, bind it to an element in the template with a matching id and use it like this:

    private Select<String> reasonSelect;

    public MyPolymerTemplate() {
        reasonSelect.setItems("The applicant meets all the requirements", "Gross income exceed indigent policy limit");
        reasonSelect.addValueChangeListener(event -> {
            System.out.println("Selected item: " + event.getValue());
            // do something with selected item on the server side


Note that if you use @Id binding, you’ll need to initialize the values of the component in Java code instead of in the template.

I was not initialize the values in the java code but in the template and that did not return any values.

initialize the values of the component in Java code as you said and that worked.