Vaadin reroutes after successful login to icon.png?continue

I have a vaadin 24.0.0 application, that have a login page:

import com.vaadin.flow.component.html.H1;
import com.vaadin.flow.component.login.LoginForm;
import com.vaadin.flow.component.orderedlayout.VerticalLayout;
import com.vaadin.flow.router.BeforeEnterEvent;
import com.vaadin.flow.router.BeforeEnterObserver;
import com.vaadin.flow.router.PageTitle;
import com.vaadin.flow.router.Route;
import com.vaadin.flow.server.auth.AnonymousAllowed;

public class LoginView extends VerticalLayout implements BeforeEnterObserver {

private LoginForm login = new LoginForm();

public LoginView() {



    add(new H1("Hi"), login);

public void beforeEnter(BeforeEnterEvent beforeEnterEvent) {
    // inform the user about an authentication error
            .containsKey("error")) {


in my local station, after a successful login, it navigates to

but in linux it navigates to:

How can I solve it? Is it something i can change in the loginview? Or do I need to change it in a different place

Do you have configured a custom favicon?
It may be related to this issue Setting favicon breaks loginSuccessUrl in SpringBoot app · Issue #17342 · vaadin/flow · GitHub
Try do add request matcher for “/icon.png” in the security configuration

how can i check if I have configured a custom favicon?

You may have a class implementing AppShellConfigurator that sets the favicon (Modifying Bootstrap Page at Runtime | Advanced Topics | Vaadin Docs) or a @PWA annotation with a custom iconPath attribute