vaadin-quarkus-extension 23.2.0 compile error when loaded through library

Hello, I’m having an issue around the vaadin-quarkus-extension. (
On 23.2.0 the dependency loads com.vaadin:vaadin-quarkus:1.1.0 com.vaadin:vaadin-core:23.2.0 com.vaadin:vaadin-core-jandex:23.2.0
When having the vaadin-quarkus-extension in an application project directly → no issues, I get all up to date libs from vaadin-core:23.2.0
When having vaadin-quarkus-extension in a module in a library project, my main project ends up loading an incorrect dependency.

com.vaadin:vaadin-quarkus:1.1.0 has com.vaadin:flow-server:23.0.4
com.vaadin:vaadin-core:23.2.0 has com.vaadin:flow-server:23.2.0
My application project ends up with flow-server:23.0.4 because vaadin-quarkus:1.1.0 has an outdated one.
With previous versions of the vaadin-quarkus-extension it seems I was already having this issue as well, but I guess I got lucky nothing ever broke or glitched.

Because I know about the issue now, I can work around it by adding the flow-server dependency with correct version directly alongside the vaadin-quarkus-extension in my pom.
Is this something that can or should be solved on vaadin-quarkus-extension’s end? I’m no expert in Maven stuff so not sure about this but I do like keeping my pom as light as possible hence the question. :smile:

you can also exclude the old version of flow-server in the vaadin-quarkus with maven