Vaadin Pro left beta?

I don’t know how to put this without making sound like criticism, but actually I’m just curious and want to know more about what’s happening in the Vaadin company. I love the framework and want to see it become even better!

I bought Vaadin Pro a couple of months ago and I wonder what’s happening with it? What’s the plan and how much “activity” can I expect to see as a Pro customer? Especially the feature voting system seems stale?

Keep up the good work!

Hi Fredrik,

I’m glad to read your post for two reasons.

First, I’m glad that you are a fan of our Framework and secondly this will be my first posting to Vaadin forum. :slight_smile:

Actually me answering to this post is partly the answer to your question because my recruitment’s purpose was to increase the activity around Pro offering. This is a clear signal that Vaadin will be investing in Pro offering in future. So,
short answer
to your question is:
no, Vaadin Pro Account is not left to beta

You wanted also to hear what to expect as Pro Account customer and I’ll share my thoughts regarding this below.

I think it will be safe to expect more activity in Pro Account subscription and Add-ons from now on.

The recent slow activity is partly due to ongoing internal responsibility handover. Although I have to mention that we released
Pro Account 1.0
24th July, 2011. But the question remains valid: “Vaadin Pro left 1.0”?

The good news is that my ramp-up period is over and we are ready to continue improving our existing and new product features. In following weeks and months you will be seing activities related to improving user experience in our existing services, including Feature Voting. As you probably have seen it is not very intuitive to see what is the impact of feature votes. At the moment we are still prioritizing our next improvements so can’t publish any exact dates for each improvement.

Another ongoing activity is our
Vaadin TouchKit
add-on that has gone through a major change. We are now providing our Pro Account subscribers very efficient way to extend their solutions to mobile terminals. Vaadin TouchKit 2.0 will be supporting two major mobile platforms: iOs and Android.

One more thing that you can expect in near future is that I will be reaching out for Pro Account subscribers to hear your feedback and improvement ideas. I believe that we have a mutual goal to make Pro Account as good as possible and naturally existing Pro Account subscribers have possibilities to shape the future of this product.

I hope this regained your confidence that Vaadin will be actively improving
Vaadin Pro Account
Vaadin Pro add-on

Thank you! Confidence is regained :slight_smile: