Vaadin Pro Add-on releases

Here’s some news about what our Vaadin Pro Account team has has been up to and what Vaadin Pro Add-on we are working on currently.

Recent Pro Add-on releases

Vaadin TouchKit 2.1
- Apr 17, 2012

Vaadin TouchKit is
add-on to use when mobilizing your enterprise applications.

The latest TouchKit version introduces support for offline mode and it provides easy way to keep track if your application is in online or offline mode. Offline mode can be fully customized by overwriting the default view implementation using GWT. Build the UI needed to collect the data that is crucial for your business logic and implement how the data is synchronized with the server. You can use TouchKit to implement mobile applications very efficiently. And if you choose to, you could package Vaadin application using PhoneGap to get a native mobile app written in pure Java, ready to be deployed in app stores. Currently TouchKit supports iOS and Android platforms.

Vaadin Timeline 1.3
- May 8, 2012

Vaadin Timeline is used to build beautiful interactive timelines.

The latest version of Vaadin Timeline provides increased performance with a 20% improvement in rendering speed. Special attention has also been put in to compatibility with TouchKit and mobile device platform support. The new Vaadin Timeline also provides a bunch of other improvements such as graph shadows, alpha values in grid lines, customizable grids etc.

Vaadin TestBench 3.0
- work in progress

Our next major Pro Add-on release will be Vaadin TestBench 3.0. A release candidate is scheduled to be available on 29th May 2012.

Vaadin TestBench is a testing tool optimized for testing Vaadin applications. Vaadin TestBench 3.0 is based on Selenium2/WebDriver and in addition to standard Selenium features TestBench 3.0 will add: advanced screenshot comparison, Vaadin specific helper methods, profiling that helps you identify potential performance problems and more. The primary file type of test cases in TestBench will be changed from HTML to JUnit in order to reduce the maintenance cost of test cases and simplify test execution in your favorite IDE or CI environment.

The final release of TestBench 3.0 is scheduled for one month after the release candidate.

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How to get commercial Vaadin add-on license?

You can get a license for Pro Add-on either as a subscription or traditional one-off purchase.

  • Subscribe to Pro Account

    Subscribing to Pro Account will grant you licenses for all Pro add-ons and free upgrades while the subscription is active. This option is feasible for short-term development projects and for projects that has no need to modify the project results.

  • Purchase a license online

    License purchase from Vaadin Directory will ensure that you will always have access to the latest and best version of Vaadin Pro Add-on. Without any annual or upgrade cost down on the road this might be the right option if you need to maintain your code using Pro Add-ons for a long time.

    Note: Vaadin Pro Add-on licenses 20% off throughout May

And please remember that every license purchase helps Vaadin to keep improving Vaadin framework :slight_smile: