Vaadin prepare-frontend adding lit-html: 2.4.0 and i need 1.4.1 in my project.

Is it possible to prevent vaadin prepare-frontend goal of vaadin-maven-plugin from adding/updating unwanted dependency?

My company’s internal packages need earlier version of lit-html but for some reason vaadin 23 updates my package.json so i end up with missing js files needed by my company’s library. How can i overcome this?
If i add override the npm install just prints “Override for lit-html@2.4.0 conflicts with direct dependency”

I would highly recommend to update your library. Lit 1 is end of life and overcoming the auto upgrade is not something you want.

Ye thats what i thought, just wanted to make sure that’s a bad approach. Guess my boss is not gonna be happy, thx :slightly_smiling_face:

Lit migrations are pretty easy, should be a simple copy paste

Usually you just have to change the imports, once it’s updated