Vaadin Portlet on Apache Pluto conatiner

Hi ,
Can we deploy the vaadin application as a portlet in Apache Pluto container rather than liferay.
If so can any body send me some docs or sample configuration for deploying a vaadin application as a portlet in Apache-Pluto portal container.



I haven’t heard of anyone else using Vaadin with Pluto, but as far as I know, it follows JSR-286, so Vaadin should work with it.

You will probably need to put the VAADIN folder in the root path, just as with Liferay and other portals. I don’t know what other configuration you may need, so you’re on your own there. If you get it working, please write about your experience in this thread or even better, an article in some place.

While not about Pluto, see also my comments

Or check out

Hi ,

I have done copying VAADIN folder to root path and other stuff as similar to liferay.For Apache Pluto we need to do the below configuration in web.xml

test org.apache.pluto.container.driver.PortletServlet portlet-name test 1 test /PlutoInvoker/test

I am able to run all the IceFaces1.8 apps as porlets in ApachePluto with the above configuration.But i am unable to do the same with VAADIN.I would really appreciate if some one helps me on configuring VAADIN portlet with ApachePluto

Thanks in advance.