Vaadin Plugin on Indigo Eclipse build issue

I have installed Vaadin plugin on Indigo Eclipse. In the problem tab there is the following issue:
Description Resource Path Location Type
Archive for required library: ‘eclipse/indigo/configuration/com.vaadin.integration.eclipse/download/gwt-dev/2.3.0/gwt-dev.jar’ in project ‘hhh’ cannot be read or is not a valid ZIP file hhh Build path Build Path Problem

What’s wrong? Thank you for your time.

I observed this issue on two different machines. Also I have found comment in the blog with same issue. The following corrects one:

  • change version to 6.5.7 in the project settings (6.5.x uses gwt 2.1.1)
  • clear the configuration/com.vaadin.integration.eclipse/download directory
  • revert version to 6.6.3 in the project settings

Any comments?

Thanks Anatoly…That is prefect.
I got the same issue, followed your approach it worked. But I had to use 6.1.1 version as eclipse is freezing when I tried to download other versions.

Hye !

I had this build issue with 6.8.3 version of Vaadin plugin for Eclipse.
I wasn’t able to run a simple example project due to a corrupt .jar (‘eclipse/indigo/configuration/com.vaadin.integration.eclipse/download/gwt-dev/2.3.0/gwt-dev.jar’).

I solved it using the “Offline plugin for Eclipse” which you can find here :
Just uninstall your Eclipse Plugin, and use this one.

Hi ,

I was trying to install the Vaadin plug in into Eclipse Indigo but i could not able to make it succesfully and I am ending up with an exception "No Repository found at http://vaadin.con/eclipse.

I have tried installing it fron eclise markets place.

Kindly suggest me a solution.