vaadin plugin missing PortletRequestListener?

Hi all
i updated vaadin eclipse plugin to 6.2,in order to use the PortletRequestListener interface,but when i tried to implement this interface eclipse gives me indication that this interface not found.i tried to c if it exist in the jar file inside eclipse i didn’t found it.however when i tried to check it inside vaadin jar comes with the full package i found it.
so i’d like to give vaadin team notice about this.

Secondly i’d like to ask how to register PortletRequestListener? becuse i didn’t found any method can register this Listener or can anybody give me example how to use it?
because i’d like to get refernce to portlet request in order to know portlet prefernces!!


I just checked from the 6.2 jar downloaded by eclipse plugin and the interface is there. Are you sure you are not using some nightly jar?

PortletRequestListener (and HttpServletRequestListener) interfaces are meant to be implemented by your Application implementation. The Vaadin terminal implementation then calls listeners methods automatically.