Vaadin Performance issues


we are a large corporate doing product development.

For the Web2.0, we decided to do a POC for Vaadin as the framework.

when the prepared pages were subjected to Performance test, the time to produce the page visually (rendering time?) including the transfer of widgetsets and js, is quite long. typically a page with about 50 to 60 html elements takes about 15 to 20 seconds to come up over a 1 MBPS pine.

is this normal.

We want to adopt Vaadin Pro if this excercise comeout well.

i may like to discuss with the Vaadin Owners/ prime developers over our application and the approach with which we use Vaadin.

in short, we are making use of vaadin’s components and add-ons to produce custom domain specific componets (like Flight, Container, etc). The components are also added with the capability to generate XMLs automatically.

Also i need advise from any experience developer on the tool suggestion for Performance testing. Right now we are suing RPT and RFT (the Rational suite).

Something is wrong, as that is farrrrrrr too long for a Vaadin app to load. Go to the demo Vaadin Sampler app and time how long it takes (right now for me, about 3 seconds on a 7 year old computer and a horrible dlink wireless network card at home – the wife’s computer). At university it takes less than a second. And I bet it’s using more components than you are. Can you give any more info about your setup or what specifically you’re loading?