Vaadin perfomance


I start looking at Vaadin as alternative to migrate to from SmartGWT. My first impression is that it is awfully slow. I tried Sampler and Dashboard demos with Firefox 32.0.3 on Mac Book Pro - Intel Core i7, 2.66 GHz, 8 GB. At the moment when I opened web page my computer was running only browser and one console. Both applications opened very slow and did lack my browser a lot. Especially in the dashboard demo - in the calendar view I was almost not able to do anything - very slow and lacking my browser.
I want to ask is this normal can I get some more reallistic idea about the performance of Vaadin. It is important to me as I need to evaluate the possibility to move to this framework.


Can you share screenshot from Performance Monitor with CPU/Memory usage?

Sure. I’m attaching several screenshots, that shows how Dashboard demo is performing in Firefox and Chrome. With Chrome it is a little bit faster and less resource greedy, but as a whole I was expecting better performance.
I’m comparing with the performance of simillar and more complex RIA applications we did with SmartGWT.


Did you have a Rotten Tomatoes API key ?

“Note: You need a Rotten Tomatoes API key and a connection to the internet to run the app. Insert your own API key here:”

Take a look into There is a loop where posterUrls were created. FF tries to download images from Rotten Tomatoes, but without API key all requests from you are denied or blocked.


I think part of the problem is that the images used in the schedule calendar are “full-size” - that is, most are about 1000px by 1000px and they’re resized by the browser. With even a moderate amount of images (10-20) this is quite a big amount of data to handle.

I think we should do some resizing or directly fetch smaller images if such are available.