Vaadin on Quarkus (Vertx)

Hi, I just tried to get a simple Vaadin page up in Quarkus using

<groupId>com.github.mcollovati.vertx</groupId> <artifactId>vertx-vaadin-flow</artifactId> <version>${vertx.vaadin.flow.version}</version>

… but I get Resource Not Found. vertx-vaadin-flow works with “standard” Vertx. The Quarkus-vertx might have been modded. Anyone had any luck with this? (Not running native image… yet - I guess that would involve quite a bit of config to have graal understand reflection usage.)


I’m the author of vertx-vaadin library.

I never used Quarkus; can you please share an example app, so that I can try to check it?

Hello, please try this project:

Martin Vyšný:
Hello, please try this project:

Hi Martin,

thanks for the example project.

BTW I did some experiment and it seems to work (not in native mode) but I had to register a lot of classes in Quarkus extension; don’t know if this is the correct way to go.

Here’s the link to the branch with the additional Quarkus module (a bit outdated), if you want to take a look:

Comments and suggestions are very welcome


As Quarkus is based on Vert.X, it might be possible to make a Quarkus extension for Vaadin Flow.