Vaadin MVC patterns

We are planning to develop application using vaadin framework. I have a question regarding this frame work. Could you please help me on this.

  1. Is there any recommendation on how vaadin framework can be used to develop the application using MVC framework.

  2. For web applications, how we use the generic URL pattern for vaadin UI’s.

ex: for jsf , we use like*.jsf / *.xhtml etc.
for struts, we use like *.do

how we should use this kind of pattern for vaadin applications.

Vaadin is a
single-page application
, thus you won’t have multiple pages to which you would redirect using generic URL patterns. View specific URLs are typically managed through URI fragments which are typically used together with
the navigator
which will take care of navigating your application between different views and updating the URI fragments accordingly.

There are a couple of approaches to having dynamic and generic URI fragments. One way is to pass the generic fragment as a parameter to the view (eg!viewName/this-is-the-generic-part) and manage the view parameters within the view. Another approach which is significantly harder to implement is to implement your custom NavigationStateManager to your navigator.

Regarding MVC, quite often, Vaadin application’s are structured using the Model-View-Presenter pattern. There are multiple ways how you can implement this pattern with Vaadin, but here’s
one article that describes one way of using the pattern with Vaadin