Vaadin Meetup in Berlin April 7th 2016

Welcome to the Vaadin Berlin Meetup!

Are you stuck with some problem? Would you like to get hands-on help by the core Vaadin team with your app? Come to this meetup clinic and we’ll help you hands-on with your app. This is a chance to hear the latest about Vaadin, get help and network with Vaadin people in Berlin and from our other offices.

An that’s the plan for the day:

• 16:30 Pizza & Beer
• 17:00 Welcome & Roadmap Preview (Jürgen Treml)
• 17:15 Vaadin Designer Quickie (Jonni Nakari)
• 17:30 Vaadin Elements Quickie (Sami Suo-Heikki)
• 17:45 Vaadin in Berlin: Customers & Recruiting (Enver Haase)
• 18:00 Customers & Community: Your presentation?
• 18:30 Vaadin Clinic (TBA)

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