Vaadin & mavin start server

I am new with mavin and busy testing it.

Creation of a project goes great but now how to start it.
Normally I do run server from eclipse but with the mavin integration this is not possible.

How can I start my project in tomcat?


Probably the easiest way to get everything right:
If you have the m2e plug-in installed in Eclipse: right click on the project → Debug As… → Maven Build… → goal “jetty:run” (assuming your Maven project has Jetty configured).

It is also possible e.g. to export the project as a WAR from Maven and deploy it on a server or use other techniques to deploy it on another server, but I would recommend the approach of running the server with Maven when testing.

From inside Eclipse you can also the the RunJettyRun plugin. It is very fast and easy to use.