Vaadin - Lazy Query Container

I’m doing my project in Vaadin 7. In that I need to implement Lazy Query Container for Treetable. I will get data for table from a web service.

Can any one please help me on using Lazy Query Container and Web service as my data source.

Please let me know the steps how to implement or if you have sample code request you share to get start up.

Someone please share your thoughts.


You can find examples in the wiki all though they might be tad out dated:

Lazy Query Container Wiki Page


Hey Tommi,
Do you have any samples? Can you able to help me in this? I am totally stuck in this…



Unfortunately lazy query container does not implement Container.Hierarchical interface. It might not be extremely complex to add that yourself if you have some property which containers the hierarchy information. I have not analyzed it in depth though. If you would like to lazy query container to load lazily the children of expanded node then you are out of luck I am afraid as this would require different kind of query interface.

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Thank you Tommi.
I think I don’t have luck this time.
And If I ask you for an add-on for lazy loading on Treetable other than LQC? What you will suggest?


entityContainer = new LazyEntityContainer(entityManager,
Task.class, 100, “taskId”, true, true, true);

How to use Compiosit primary key in this line… i have composit PK consisting of TaskID and name