Vaadin javascript files not found for spring boot app

I have a gradle multi-module project that uses spring boot. I am adding a module for vaadin to have some basic crud screens. when I run the application locally in non production mode it comes up just fine.
But once the application is built into an executable boot jar, no matter where I add the javascript resources they are never found by the application. I have tried every variation I can think of to get the javascript to be recognized by the application but no matter where I put it it can’t be found.

bootJar {
	from('../config') {
		include 'stats.json'
	from('../build') {
		include 'webcomponentsjs/**', "vaadin-bundle*.js"

In the snippet above the stats.json is found and processed but the javascript components are not.
Status Code: 404 VAADIN/build/webcomponentsjs/webcomponents-loader.js

I have uncompressed the jar file and I can see that javascript files are in the specified locations but they will not load.
I am using 14.0.12 with spring boot 2.1.3.RELEASE
My project structure is:

|_ Boot App Module
|_ Vaadin crud module
|_ Service Module
|_ JPA Module

I have tried the “solutions” noted in the following:

None of them work. I made a comment regarding the vaadin-gradle-plugin but there is no comment on that yet.
The second part of issue 6277 is nearly identicle to my issue and any help would be very much appreciated.


So far what I’ve learned:

  1. The application works locally because the generated files are created on application start up
  2. The build server is building the app but not generating any of the directories or files that are generated at app startup
  3. If I generate the package.json and target directory I can then use the com.moowork.node gradle plugin to run npm install to generate the node_modules directory and package-lock.json
  4. This however leads to the following error
ERROR in ../target/frontend/generated-flow-imports.js?babel-target=es6
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '@vaadin/flow-frontend/contextMenuConnector-es6.js?babel-target=es6' in
  1. I can get rid of this error if I remove all of the generated files and folders and start the app using bootRun to regenerate all of the files and folders.

So here is my problem, I should not be putting generated files into source control. The build should just generate them and that be the end of it.
I have been going through the source for the maven plugin and trying to determin how the target directory is generated so I can do it in my gradle project but its an extremely slow process. Is there a gradle plugin that is equivalent to the maven plugin so that I can just run the prepare-frontend task? The two gradle plugins that I have seen so far are nearly useless for anything other than initialization.

I would very much appreciate any assistance I could get.

I get it people are busy but its been about a week now with no response. Is this typical from the vaadin crew? Should I not expect help if I’m not paying them?

Well I guess any kind of support from the people of Vaadin is not an option. I am pretty sure that the gradle plugin mentioned here is what I need. A gradle task to prepare the frontend resources like the maven plugin has. I have left a comment on that ticket as well asking for mor information but much like here the responses anyone associated to Vaadin are non existent.