Vaadin IRC Client, Finally with server push

Hello all,

I decided to release
to the public, after a long long time of waiting. In fact, the only thing that has prevented me from releasing this application earlier, has been the lack of a
server side push mechanism

tkIRC (or toolkIRC) is a project purely made with Vaadin - and still, until last version, I had used no client side widget at all ;). Server side push includes a widget, so I had to create a widgetset . But the tkIRC client itself is made as a Vaadin project should be done - at the server side.

Please try it out, and any questions, bugfixes or feature requests may be added to this thread.
So, you can
try out the demo here!
. And
download the application here

I have currently set the license to GPL, but that’s merely because the source code is so untidy ;). It will probably change to LGPL in the future. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have something to ask.

// Johan

Heh, had to do a fast upgrade, since the User actions - component was always left disabled when tkIRC is lightweight.

If you want to perform some action, you have to select a user (or several users) from the table first. (BTW all actions all have shorthands you can use in the chat box (/topic /me /kick etc…))

// Johan

Great work ! A nice and responsive client !