Vaadin Internationalization question

Hi all ,
I want to to support multiple language in my application ,I didn’t find a clear example in the vaadin book to in how to support internationalization and how to change between languages dynamically (I mean by just choosing another language from language bar and don’t need to refresh or restart the application) .


You have some alternatives. You could use the
i18n4vaadin add-on
to switch languages without having to rebuild the UI. Also the
Toolkit Productivity Tools
provide i18n support.

For a more from-scratch implementation and a nice working example, see the
application and the source code in
. It doesn’t use i18n4vaadin, but rebuilds the UI after a language switch - it’s a good enough solution for a login screen.

If you’re a Pro Account subscriber, please see article
#84: How do I change the language of the user interface?