Vaadin ignore Prometheus metrics route?

I have added added Spring metrics for Prometheus to consume

The particular servlet that listens for “/info” is broken as Vaadin servlet by default is configured to listen on the root of the service.

Is there anyway to configure Vaadin to ignore this endpoint, rather than changing the vaadin.url-mapping property?

For security purpose it’s higher recommended to change the actuator port; so there is no need for Vaadin to ignore it because it’s served by another servlet container.

I am using EKS and these URLs are not public outside the AWS VPC (you need VPN access to view these URLs)

Well on your own risk :wink:

It’s technically possible with “vaadin.exclude-urls=/url/**” but I’m not sure if it’s already released or planned for 23.3

Issue is if you wanna follow it for an update about the Release once the Vaadin bot announced it.