Vaadin Horizontal and Vertical Layouts and ScreenSize

Hi all!
Im developing a application for Windows CE 5 and Internet Explorer 6.

I know that is probably not supported, but for now its working :rolleyes:!

Im using GridLayout and FormLayout to do things here.

I try to get the avaliable Width and Height on this browser, using the WebApplicationContext.getBrowser().getWidth and Height, but this browser always return ZERO as size, and I belive that this is the cause to Vertical and Horizontal layouts not work. The content inside this layouts are never visible, event if I put a fixed width and height.
Exist a way to set a fixed with and height of the screen, to be used for all components? Vertical and Horizontal layout really try to obtain the max widh and height via Browser Object?

Many thanks by any help!

Eduardo Frazão