vaadin, hibernate and PostgreSQL

I can describe vaadin+Hibernate in one word. Awesome. I discovered vaadin and Hibernate today only, in the morning. Before the noon I downloaded it and set it up in Eclispe EE. I downloaded hibernate and set it up as well.

I played with the example of the File system to explore some UI components.
I started connecting hibernate with PostgreSQL 8.4.
Started creating my POJOs to interact with the DB tables.

Glassfish 3 works perfect with vaadin projects. How ever Glassfish in the beginning confuses between JRE and JDK 1.6 but this could be easily solved by creating a new JRE in eclipse, let it point to the installation directory of the JDK 1.6 and then set it to be the default JRE, then configures Glassfish to use the default JRE and it works fine.

You have to create a user library in eclipse and call it myhibernate or what ever and then add around 20 jars in it of the hibernate and hibernate annotation and the database JDBC you want to use, be it Derby, JavaDB, PostgreSQL…etc.

And then enjoy the development of easily creating POJOs, annotate them with JPA (Do not rely on the hibernate annotation they may be NOT free tomorrow or you may want to rely on other O/RM technology).
but sure all the ORM technologies now and in the future must comply to the standards of JPA.

vaadin is server/side unlike GWT that relies heavily on the client/side java scripts. This gives vaadin more value of hiding the coding logic from being hacked.

Awesome ! Thank you guys.

As long as you don’t rely on any Hibernate specifics, you could also give EclipseLink a spin.

Compared to Hibernate as a JPA implementation, it behaves a little nicer with respect to lazy loading of entity fields and exception handling, fitting better in many Vaadin applications. The insert performance of Hibernate is better than that of EclipseLink, but that is often not a big bottleneck in real applications.