Vaadin GWT Widgets Grid - what's next

I haven’t been working with Vaadin GWT Grid for the last few months. I restarted working now and tried to find all the resources and tutorials on Vaadin’s homepage. For some reason I cannot find the Vaadin GWT Grid specific documentation, Tutorials and Blog entries. What is the purpose of the Vaadin team? Will the GWT Widget Grid be dropped in favour of the Vaadin Elements / GWT Polymer project? Does anybody know what the plan for the GWT-Widgets is? I wouldn’t want to use the Polymer Widgets as we have to Support IE 9 and 10…

Hallo Andreas,

are you really asking what the purpose of the Vaadin team is?! :stuck_out_tongue:!addon/componentrenderer

Our Vaadin 7 Framework offering is promised to be stable and supported until 2018 at least.

While we make no guarantees about how we internally implement the widgets (using GWT or pure JavaScript or whatever), because the Grid is so low-level that even GWT is in the public Vaadin API so people can write their renderers, it is a very safe bet nobody will want to drop the GWT version in Vaadin 7 Framework.
Vaadin 8 Framework will drop some old browsers for sure, including IE8-10, but there will be an easy migration path.
No need to worry here. Vaadin 8 will be supported until 2022.

The Polymer widgets will quite probably one day carry some of the internals of Vaadin Framework – but this is set for a long time in the future. It don’t see it happen this year. At this time, Vaadin Core Elements are more targeted to the enthusiast JavaScript programmers (Angular2 or Polymer) rather than replacing GWT-style widgets.