Vaadin GridPro: Dynamic Options in Select for EditColumn

I want to have the options of the select in EditColumn of GridPro to be dynamically set according to the currently edited item.

The built-in select type does not support this case, since we can only pass a static list of options, e.g.

gridPro.addEditColumn(item -> item.getValue())
       .select((item, newValue) -> item.setValue(newValue), List.of("v1", "v2", "v3"));

With a custom editor component, I can achieve the dynamic options, like this:

var select = new Select<String>();
var listDataView = select.setItems(List.of("v1", "v2", "v3"));
listDataView.addFilter(v -> {
    // add filter logic according to currentItem
    return true;

gridPro.addEditColumn(item -> item.getValue())
       .custom(select, (item, newValue) -> item.setValue(newValue));

gridPro.addCellEditStartedListener(event -> {

But the problem with this solution is, that after the listDataView.refreshAll() is done, the initial value of the item is not anymore bound to the select-component, meaning the select is always empty initially, even if the current item has a value.

Any ideas how to solve this?

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