Vaadin Grid - Two strange points / maybe bugs?

we did some tests with the new Vaadin Grid.
Please could you check two “strange” points (maybe bugs, don’t know):


  1. At playing with your grid sampler / large data set ( we noticed a problem by using the Internet Explorer 10.
    The selection of a grid cell or a row is not possible behind row number 1316. No problem by using Firefox.
    See also screenshout in the attachment (Grid_Bug_LargeDataSet_IE.png).
    We noticed the same problem with the example project of the Grid Webinar (loading 10000 rows instead of 1000 into the grid) and in a test project of us.

2. Multiselection of all items in the grid by using Checkbox in Headerline

We checked the example project of the Grid Webinar and we load 10.000 rows instead of 1.000 into the grid.
We set also the SelectionMode to Multi (grid.setSelectionMode(SelectionMode.MULTI);
Now when we select all rows with the checkbox in the header, max. 1000 rows are selected. Why are not all 10.000 rows selected. See also screenshot in the attachment (Grid_Bug_MulitSelection.png).
Reason? Bug?

By the way, is it possible to set the grid to MultiSelection-Mode but hide the checkbox in the header?

Thanks and kind regards,



regarding Point 2, I found the solution in the really good forum:!/thread/9871373

But point 1. (the described problem with Internet Explorer 10) is still pending.
I would really appreciate, if someone could help me, because I think this could be a big problem in our company.



I created for this bug. Please mark the ticket as a priority if it is important to you to get it fixed.

Hi Artur,

thanks very much for the ticket creation.

Hi Artur,

one thing more regarding the grid problems with IE10:
It’s also not possible to use the multiple selection mode by clicking several checkboxes at the end of the grid, after loading a bigger data set.
I have already added a comment regarding this point and I changed the ticket priority.

Thanks again.