Vaadin Grid: There are 0 visible columns error.


I’m trying to add multiple rows at a time. Trying to modify the Book example.

public void features(VerticalLayout layout) {

IndexedContainer container = new IndexedContainer();
container.addContainerProperty(“firstname”, String.class, null);
container.addContainerProperty(“lastname”, String.class, null);
container.addContainerProperty(“born”, Integer.class, null);
container.addContainerProperty(“died”, Integer.class, null);
Object pids = container.getContainerPropertyIds().toArray();
// Add some data rows
Object data = new Object {
{“Nicolaus”, “Copernicus”, 1473, 1543},
{“Galileo”, “Galilei”, 1564, 1642},
{“Johannes”, “Kepler”, 1571, 1630},
{“Tycho”, “Brahe”, 1546, 1601},
{“Giordano”, “Bruno”, 1548, 1600},
{“Christiaan”, “Huygens”, 1629, 1695}};
for (Object row: data) {
Object itemId = container.addItem();
for (int i=0; i<pids.length; i++)
container.getContainerProperty(itemId, pids[i]

//My Change!
//If I add rows like this I get There are 0 visible columns, but 4 cell values were provided. Error!
for (int i = 0; i < 10000; i++) {
grid.addRow(“Nicolaus”, “Copernicus”, 1473, 1543);



you’re adding rows to the Grid instead of the Container. You should add the container to the Grid and add the Items (=rows) to the Container. If you want to add rows directly to the Grid, define columns in the Grid instead.