vaadin-grid.min.js fails JSHint in Polymer Starter Kit Gulp

Hi, it seems odd that what appears to be a professional, polished Polymer Element would not pass the standard JSHint used in the Polymer Starter Kit Gulp file.

Hi, and sorry for the very late reply!

The vaadin-grid.min.js file is actually generated by the GWT compiler, as the element is written in Java (originally for the Vaadin Framework). So I’m not sure why the GWT compiler isn’t producing JSHint compatible code, but I bet it has something to do with the amount of optimizations it does on the code.

Unfortuntately this seems like something we can’t fix (except rewrite the whole thing again in pure JavaScript).

Also, I suggest the Gitter chat if you need answers quicker, as that is followed more closely by the dev team (you can just drop a link to a forum message there or ask directly):