Vaadin Grid Inline Editor not update UI after saving

I have a problem when using the vaadin grid inline editor. Currently I am using a ‘BeanItemContainer’ and use ‘setContainerDataSource’ to set container. Now when I use the inline save editor, after I save the underlying data changes (I checked by printing that) but the gui for the grid does not change. Also when I try to edit that row again I get an exception that the item does not exist in the container. How can I resolve this issue?

I have looked at several different forums and they said its a bug in the grid, and any of the solutions they suggested did not resovle the issue for me. I am usig vaadin 7.6.0.

My end goal is to have a grid (or a table or anything) to be able to add/edit/delete easily using the gui. If there is any other elements that can do this or a better way to use the grid to accomplish this would be appreciated.