vaadin-grid for data sources of unknown size ?


I am developing a new application with Polymer and found the vaadim-grid element to be quite powerful and (almost) what I need for this project.

However, my data source for the grid cannot provide the total number of records, providing this value will be too computationally expensive.

I did find some other components on the Internet that can work in such manner, but they leave too much work to the developer.

If I don’t set the data source size to the vaadim-grid element, the data source callback is called

Can the vaadim-grid element work with a data source of unknown size ?

Thanks !

Ok, so I found a (somewhat recent) closed grid issue that added just the support needed for infinite scrolling, thanks to the author for this. It’s here:

However, after some scrolling down (and additional data loading), when trying to scroll back to the top of the grid, I get some exceptions thrown from the vaadin-grid javascript: “There is a gap between Class$… and Class$…”. Happens in both Chrome and Edge. Any idea what happens ? Thanks !