Vaadin Grid CSS messed up

Hi everyone,

i’m migrating to 8 an old 7 application. I changed a table into a grid but the css is all messed up and the grid doesn’t look at all like the one from the sampler.

How can i fix this? Thanks a lot!



hard to say without more details. Are you adding any custom styles to the grid? Do you have some customizations in your theme that might affect the grid?


Well, no. I can post my css if you like… is the main theme of the vaadin 7 app with like 3 customizations, but it’s something “Make a class for green buttons”.
I haven’t changed the main components.

Some things worth checking out:

  • Make sure your dependencies and version numbers are in order
  • If you’re using compatibility modules, check if you need compatibility themes as well
  • Check that you don’t have a compiled theme .css file that’s messing things up (it will be used instead of dynamically compiled scss theme)
  • Make a clean build, make sure there are no build old artifacts