Vaadin Grid. Column resize feature or bug?

If I open row to the editor and after that resize grid column.
Column in editor row is not resized. Defined feature or bug?
You can notice it in demo site



This is a known issue, we’ll try to address it as soon as posisble. We were supposed to prevent the resize while editor was open, but as we had many more pressing problems during the beta, we didn’t have time for that. If you have the time, please file a ticket for this issue. Thank you for your feedback!


OK, ticket added

I really like that I can resize columns while editor is enabled…
So this idea that column resizing is disabled when some row is in edit does not sounds good.

Agreed. Does not seem to make sense that one has to quit the editor to resize a column.
That’s particularly bad in unbuffered mode, where ideally you’ll always want to have one row in edit mode to speedup editing as much as possible, especially when you’re mainly editing using the keyboard. We’re actually looking into forcing this (editor always active), but that would prevent resizing altogether.

I hope there’s a better fix for that, i.e. resize the editor fields instead.

With Vaadin 8 you can use this add-on to fix the issue: