vaadin-grid checkbox in rows

I’m using the vaadin-grid element and wondering if there is an example that allows you to add for example three check boxes on each row? And be able to, for each row determine the status of each of the check boxes checked status


You could display an icon depending of your boolean value which is much simpler.

Grid.Column myColumn = getColumn("myColumn");
myColumn.setRenderer(new HtmlRenderer(),
                new StringToBooleanConverter(FontAwesome.CHECK_CIRCLE_O.getHtml(), FontAwesome.CIRCLE_O.getHtml()));

Hi Eric,

Drafted such an example using the version 1 right here:

We’re currently working on 2.0 with which the same example requires a lot less (imperative) code:

Notice that the new is still a work in progress (not quite production quality yet and API changes are likely)

This is great. Thank you for the sample

Unfortunately I need the user to be able to check and uncheck the checkbox depending on certain parameters.