Vaadin Grid and Variable Row Height Support Revisited

With Vaadin Framework 8.3 right around the corner, what is the preferred method to have multiple lines (word wrap) in a column? As far as I can tell, the current Grid component in Vaadin 8.2 does not support it. I have searched the forums but have found no solution.

Variable row height in Grid is still not supported. There is an [open issue]
( about the feature request on Github.

Perhaps the best option is to add description generators so that the cells or rows will display tooltip on mouse hover. You can add such generators with setDescriptionGenerator() on the Grid or on the Column.

So the vaadin-grid polymer component seems to support variable row height and works with Vaadin Flow (version 10). Will the vaadin-grid polymer component work with Vaadin 8? If so, are you aware of any examples of this?

There is currently no wrapper for the vaadin-grid element for Vaadin 8. There were some discussions regarding such an add-on may be available in the future but there are no concrete plans yet and I cannot confirm for that it indeed will be available. Creating such a wrapper is definitely possible but requires a lot of work.

Thanks for the info. For now I have reverted back to the Vaadin Table. Although it has been deprecated, it has all the features that are important to our clients such multi-line columns. I will have to use the table until…

  1. Vaadin Grid adds variable row height
  2. there is a Vaadin 8 wrapper for the vaadin-grid element
  3. or I migrate to Vaadin Flow (which might be a huge effort).