Vaadin Google Maps Add-on limitation on number of points

Hi ,

I have been working with your API for about an year now.

We tried your API in one of our applications and it works well when connected to a MySQL database with around 20,000 points to be plotted. But when the points to be plotted exceed 40,000 the Browser (Chrome) crashes with your plug-in.

Is there some limitations in terms of number of points that we can plot.

We are using the following code for plotting :

map - initialization
googleMap = new GoogleMap(new LatLon(28.6100, 77.2300), 10.0, apiKey);
setExpandRatio(googleMap, 1.0f);

while (more points in the Recordset)
marker = new LatLon(point_latitude,point_longitude);
googleMap.addMarker(“Media Post”, marker , false, null);

Pls advise