Vaadin Google App Engine Android Studio Integration

Hey guys,

I am working on an App Engine Java Endpoints project for an android application. In order to be able to manage data of the backend datastore i want to implement a little vaadin application, where an administrator can for example see and manage existing users.

So far i was able to integrate vaadin as an App Engine Endpoint Module in Android Studio by adding the appropriate vaadin dependencies to my build.gradle file. I have also edited my appengine-web.xml and web.xml files and am able to deploy and run my project.

So far so good, but now i have run into an issue with the vaadin themes. As long as i use for example the valo theme
from the vaadin-themes maven dependency as my UI theme everything works fine. If i try to use a custom theme by adding my theme to the

[/b]folder of my project i get following crash when accessing my application:

Warning: /VAADIN/themes/valo-test/styles.css access denied (“” “D:\Entwicklung\TestProject\MyGAEProject\backend\build\exploded-app\VAADIN\themes\valo-test\styles.scss.cache” “write”)

So far i was able to track following things:
Access denied is not a “security” issue but can also mean that the file does not exist or can not be found.
If I do not create a theme from the scratch I get the access denied for the parent import (@import…/valo/valo.scss in my mytheme.scss) and so on…

I think it has something to do the with the project structure of android studio builds (*\exploded-app*), even so it works just fine if I import the theme from the maven dependency…

I would love to get this working because everything else works just fine.

Thanks in advance

PS: If any of you guys need more information i would be happy to add screenshots or the whole error log :slight_smile: