Vaadin form

i’m new to vaadin and i have to make a form in my web application, so my form contain datefiled, text area, combobox components. the information entered shoud be saved in my database so i’ll use for that jpaContainer and hibernate, but i’m not sure if i can use automatic form because it doesn’t allow to manipulate component as my graphic form is little sophisticated. so could you please tell wath should i do in this case and from where i can start to create my form. thank you for your help

You could use your own FieldFactory class to generate appropriate fields for your data, or you could just create the fields yourself and use the bind-method of FieldGroup. It all depends on your data structure, though.

Is there any example made by vaadin that show how to create form with fieldfroup using jpacontainer?
thank you.

I don’t think so; but using a fieldgroup and using the JPAContainer are both covered in the Book of Vaadin.