Vaadin for Mobile browsers

I have tried a bunch of different browsers looking for one that support the JavaScript generated by Vaadin on the client side in the best possible way, do any of you have any experience with Vaadin use in Mobile browsers, if you do what would you say is the “best” mobile browser for use of a website created with Vaadin ?
So far an alpha version of Mozilla’s Fennec browser seems to be the most supportive, at least for my windows based PDA

If you’re developing Vaadin applications that should work in mobile devices, I really recommend using
. The 2.0.0 beta was released just recently and we’re working hard to make it really good.

TouchKit is mainly targeted for WebKit-based browsers, as they are used in both iPhone and Android as the default browser. The mobile Firefox (Fennec) is not yet supported and appears to have some problems. We’ll have to see if we add support for it as well.

Thanks for the quick response, i might buy a touchkit license but I’m wondering what the support for Opera Mobile or Internet Explorer is like, seeing that we are developing a web application that will be used from a PDA running a windows operating system.
One troublesome thing so far is the lack of support of automatic focusing on textfields and automatic removing of text with the


methods, atleast in IE and Opera Mobile

TouchKit currently supports only WebKit-based browsers, for which it provides a number of components optimized for mobile use with phones and tablets.

For other browsers, you need to detect the browser type when the application starts and provide a separate UI for them. You’ll anyhow need to provide an optimized UI for 1) normal (non-mobile) desktop browsers, 2) mobile phones, 3) tablets.

The mobile Firefox seems to work quite well with normal Vaadin applications, it’s just not supported in TouchKit. However, Firefox
has only very tiny use
currently. The Opera Mobile and IE only have around 1% market share combined. Opera Mini is the only really relevant non-webkit mobile browser currently.

Very true. If someone wants to develop anything on mobiles, do it only on WebKit based browsers.

Vaadin Touchkit offers very good user experience and provides wide range of UI components to apps for building web applications for mobile.
But this will not run as smooth as platform specific mobile apps. as ultimately it will not completely leverage the real power of mobile platform features as finally it is going to run in a mobile web browser. as compared to native mobile apps.

but with Vaadin touchkit, you can not use any mobile platform specific features like notification, alarm services, account services etc.

Find more detail on vaadin touchkit and comparison with similar technogies like ZK Mobile and native platform specific apps. :