/VAADIN folder


I create the VAADIN folder manually as a subfolder of the WebContent folder in order to be able to use my own themes and to not having the themes served from a jar. I dont know whether that is the correct usage. Because today we tried to use the Google Maps addon. It was the first addon we tried out and we had some problems with it. At some point we figured out how the widget gets compiled with maven. But when we accessed the component in the browser we got an alert that the custom widgetset is missing. I decided then to try the addon with the Vaadin archetype project. I got it working after some time and noted that the file which was missing according the alert is in the target/WebContent/VAADIN/widgetset folder. I copied this folder to our actual project and then the addon also worked there.
So I think we are doing something wrong here since we also found no forum thread related to our problem. So should we remove the VAADIN folder again or should we adjust our maven build script so it copies the custom widgetset into the correct folder?