vaadin flow for a SaaS app?

Does anyone here already build a saas app with vaadin flow?

If yes do you have any advice or lessons learned?

My team is very comfortable with java and will prefer working with Vaadin.

Is it expensive to scale to 1000 active users.

Do you have any example you can share?

This is one example:

It’s hard to answer to a question like “is it expensive to scale to 1000 users” since it depends a lot on the application and what will be done by the user.

And to complete @faithful-emu’s answer on the scalability: it is pretty much as hard to say as with any other technology. Most likely your scalability issues will start at the database layer, not in JVM service layer or in Vaadin UI layer. 1000 concurrent users shouldn’t be an issue memory wise, even with a bit sloppy memory management and one server node.

Thank you for this success story link @faithful-emu

I will take a look at it