Vaadin flow 23.2.5 fails to build (SOLVED)

I switched from 23.2.0 to 23.2.5 and since then the project doesn’t build.
I got a similar error to this:
In this issue Artur mentioned ‘Sounds like you for some reason have another Lit version that 2 in the project and it tries to import from there’. I have several Lit versions and other Lit related project but why is this a problem?
When is the repair expected? Is there some workaround to solve this? I ran mvn vaadin:clean-frontend, but it didn’t help.

I use a customized LitPagination in my project which use lit-element 2.5.1 and lit-html 1.4.1. After I upgraded lit-element to 3.2.2 and lit-html to 2.4.0 everything works fine.
fyi @quintessential-ibex (I didn’t know if it was ok or not for me to comment on github.)

Vaadin flow 23.2.5 fails to build (SOLVED)

Since then I’ve been using Vaadin version 23.2.6 but I think it would work the same way with version 23.2.5 .

I just made a pull request for the gird-pagination to be compatible with Vaadin 23.2.4+. I hope it will be merged. Here is the fixing fork:

I’ve tried with Vaadin starter app with version 23.2.4 and the customized verion of grid-pagination with Vaadin 23.2.6 (as I mentioned above), and it seems okay, no errors so far. :slightly_smiling_face: