vaadin.endpoint.prefix how to make this work?

how to make this work? any library import required?

@secure-leopard ?

vaadin.endpoint.prefix not working for me…

tried setting the property to /application

but I still see


No libraries should be required

Where did you set the property?

application properties

Is there a bug? @secure-leopard

Try hilla.endpoint.prefix, if that works documentation has a typo. If that does not work, then there is a bug in code.

still that is not working


This issue seems related

if there is any update on the prefix not working as expected?

As a temporary workaround you can copy the frontend/generated/connect-client.default.ts file to frontend/connect-client.ts and change the value of the prefix value in the object provided to the ConnectClient

import { ConnectClient as ConnectClient_1 } from "@hilla/frontend";
const client_1 = new ConnectClient_1({ prefix: "abcd" });
export default client_1;