Vaadin embedded CKEditor window back to Vaadin?

CKEditor is available to my Vaadin app through the directory component. It’s working fine for me. But now to the next step which is to create a custom image browser within CKEditor.

The process is basically this:

  1. My Vaadin App creates the CKEditor so it appears as a component. (Works fine now.)
  2. Click on the Image button of CKEditor pops up a dialog box that has a button to “Browse Server.”
  3. When you click Browser Server button, CKEditor will do an HTTP-GET on a configured URL.
  4. Whatever code is executed at that URL should display a list of images available and let the user select one. It then calls a Javascript function that basically informs CKEditor what the selected image URL will be. Presumably CKEditor then closes its dialog.

What are my options?

Can I create a hidden popup window in my Vaadin app and get it’s URL so that I can use it for CKEditor so that when the HTTP-GET comes in it will be directed to that Vaadin popup so I can make the popup visible, have the user select the image and then run some Javascript using the JavaScript API of Vaadin?

Or would I be better off creating a non-Vaadin JSP to display the images, have the user select the image and then have the JSP page execute the Javascript? This would mean no Vaadin integration at all for the image browser, but would mean I’d not have any of its Table widgets, etc.

I’ve read the
JSP Integration page
, but wonder if it’s up-to-date with respect to the latest release of Vaadin. It appears I could use a JSP page to connect back to my already running Vaadin Application session for the user to show the images and have them select one, and then use the JavaScript API of Vaadin to inform CKEditor.

Thoughts? Thanks for any tips, tricks or strategy you think will make the best experience.