Vaadin Editor Design view and Images


using the design view of the vaadin editor I have tried to add an image via properties for an embedded source.
I stored the image in /HelloWorld/WebContent/VAADIN/themes/helloworldtheme/imgGoogle.png

In the design view the image is not shown even if I changed the Source-property. At execution time the image is shown.

Is it a bug and if not in future it will be supported?

Regards Alex

The Visual Designer does not run in the full runtime context of the application but in its own context, with its own resources. The application theme is not used, either - that would have several additional major complications. If you use full absolute URLs as paths to resources that are available at that time, those would probably work.

Limited support for accessing data from the application theme might come in some future version of the editor. Note, however, that the full runtime environment of the application (accessing databases and other external systems, …) is in general impossible to replicate fully in a stand-alone editor.