Vaadin Editor and Designer is a nice but unstable Tool

Since a year I´m using Vaadin.

But the Designer is very instable.

Currently using Vaadin 7.1.15 and Plugin for in Eclipse juno on Win 7 hp
(now we have 2014 is there a new one? Update does not offer a new).

Some of the problems:

  1. It often hangs when switching between code or designer view (since beginning). I had to shut down eclipse.

  2. Labels can´t be set to XHMTL that is offered in the UI. But the API doc says it is deprecated. The tool does not know what is right? - I do not know all the time for all 100 of thousand java elements what is right. But the tool should.

If I do so via UI it procduces a label like this


that is marked as error.

  1. Today I had problems to drag Layouts and drop them to the tree-Structure in the designer

Nothing happens. The tile for the VL was not actived by mouse click. Only had the chance to put it directly on to UI (but the tile wasn´t actived too - so it was successfully by trial).

  1. Other CustomComponents from same project but other packages are not offered to use in the desinger view.
    I had put this question a couple of weeks ago into the forum. But no regarding answer was there. Other people had put erroneously answers from other topics to my question and then the topic was dead.

When will be there a stable version?

Is it recommended to use that tool - it makes more work than help, when your eclipse is hanging because of making a mouse click to switch the views.
Or is it recommended to use it not?

I reduced my work with it to give an UI a layout structure and put the content manual (coded by hand).

Or is it normal, that eclipse tool is not stable (never had real stable version - or does it seem to be normal in eclipse developers world to live with a tool that tends to hang and developer accept that behavior and do not mention it any more because it is “normal”?)

Other developers have same experience? No one wants to work with a tool that fall to pieces when using it.

There are any solutions?

Or is et recommedable to use another plattform like IntelIiJIDEA?



PS Vaadin is a good idea but it could get left behind if important tools does not work or destroy work by mouse button click.


I agree with you that the visual desinger don’t currently get the love it would deserve from our R&D department. Some developers here don’t see the value in it. I’d personally much rather see better working VD, than sass compiler implemented with Java :wink:

Best things you can do to affect the development is to create tickets about all of your findings to This way we get some numbers that people are really using it and would appreciate a better version of it. If you have Gold or Platinium support deal, you should also use your feature vote to emphasis it.

IntelliJ IDEA or NetBeans isn’t a solutions in case you want to use VD. Otherwise, I can recommend both of them. Great IDEs that both do most things better than Eclipse.