Vaadin/Eclipse - resource not found...

I’m trying to experiment with Vaadin and Eclipse. Unfortunately, I’ve been using Netbeans for my java development for the past decade or more and I am brand new to the Eclipse environment. So this question may be more about Eclipse than Vaadin, but maybe someone here can help.

I have tried creating a couple of the demo programs, including one that includes some persistence modules. When I try to run them within Eclipse, I often (but not always) get the error ‘Resource unavailable’. I can’t seem to locate the Tomcat log file that is being generated (or is there one?). Can someone tell me where to look to see exactly what resource can’t be found? I’m getting rather frustrated, and while Vaadin appears to be a very nice package, I won’t be able to use it if I can’t work with the visual development package in Eclipse… I found that if I export the project to a .war file and copy it to my own Tomcat server, it seems to run just fine so the problem is not with the program directly.

Also, I need to be able to access MySQL databases from my programs. I have not succeeded in getting any database programs to import into Eclipse and compile/run correctly. Among other things, the examples I’ve seen appear to use deprecated classes (like SplitPanel instead of HorizontalSplitPanel). Anyone have a small Eclipse/Vaadin demo I could import that would include code to access a database? Along with a mysql script to create a test database??

Thanks very much,